Cross-Cultural Matters & Etiquette Consultancy

We consult for businesses, individuals and organisations on cross-cultural, etiquette and ambassadorial matters.

Cultural Awareness for Expatriates and Family

We provide executive coaching and group training on culturally sensitive matters for business executives aspiring to become global players.

Expatriates and Repatriates

We have customized programmes that will introduce expatriates who have just arrived in Nigeria into the culture, norms and etiquette of the country.

We also have programmes for Nigerian executives who are moving abroad on business.

Executive coaching to help global players

ParkRoyalu2019s cross-cultural and expatriate programmes are designed to provide executives with the confidence, poise and knowledge to hold sway on a global platform without ruffling feathers. You will gain the essential tools and polish to live and work abroad.

Who should attend

Expatriates executives
Expatriate family members
Embassy staff and family
Nigerian executives moving abroad

What participants will learn

How to meet and greet in different language
How to avoid misunderstandings
How to avoid cultural faux pas
The art of international greetings
Non-verbal communications
Pronunciation, idioms and proverbs
How to dine properly
Social skills

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