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Business Etiquette 1

This course will equip you with the business and social skills that will start you on the journey to become a polished professional.


  • Discover everything you have always wanted to know about generating presence and image development.
  • Develop the ability to differentiate yourself.


  • Each course is a combination of short audio lessons
  • There are quizzes in between the lessons to reinforce the learning points
  • You are required to attempt these quizzes as they would form part of your assessment
  • Please read the information provided in each course
  • Each course is available for 2 days after which your registration will expire


  • Sensitivity, Consideration and Respect
  • Building Personal Polish
  • Etiquette of Introductions and Greetings
  • Mastering Handshakes
  • Etiquette for Meetings
  • Personal Hygiene
  • The Three Cs of Good Impression
  • Posture for ladies
  • How to be a lady
  • How to be a Gentleman

Course Duration

2 Days maximum

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Course Outline

Section 1Course Overview
Section 2Introduction to Etiquette
Lecture 2Video
Lecture 3Lecture Notes
Section 3Building Personal Polish
Lecture 4Video
Lecture 5Lecture Notes
Section Quiz
Section 4Etiquette of Introductions
Lecture 6Video 1
Lecture 7Lecture Notes
Section 5Handshakes
Lecture 8Video
Lecture 9Lecture Notes
Section Quiz
Section 6Personal Hygiene
Lecture 10Video
Lecture 11Lecture Notes
Section 7The Three Cs of Good Impression 
Lecture 12Video
Lecture 13Lecture Notes
Section 8Behaviours
Lecture 14Video
Lecture 15Lecture Notes
Section 9Posture
Lecture 16Video
Lecture 17Lecture Notes
Section Quiz
Section 10See Score