Coaching Experts
Our faculty includes internationally certified career and life coaching experts
individuals, National and multi-national
We have many individual clients including CEOs of leading companies and senior public figures

ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School is a people, business and national development company. We are the leading provider of etiquette, ambassadorial, business and life skills programme in Africa.


Practical individual and business development

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We offer a non-stuffy, fresh and practical approach to people development, business development and national development. Our focus is to build world-class leaders who will build world-class businesses and nations.

Publishers of the trail-blazing ‘EtiquetteBank.COM’

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ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School are the publishers of the trail-blazing online resource ‘EtiquetteBank.COM’ which has a reach of 158 countries. We are also the originator of the highly successful ‘Graduate Finishing School’ which assists young people and graduates to smoothly transition from university into the marketplace.



Elocution & Communication for business & Leadership

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Our business includes Etiquette Training, Elocution & Communication Skills Development, and Business Consultancy. We also offer one to one Executive Coaching for top business executives and leaders.

All Sectors, Organisations, Sectors and Profiles

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We work with all sectors and sizes of organisations to develop and position their business to succeed. We work with business executives, politicians, professionals, and people of all gender. We have specialist programmes for teens and young adults, Government Officials, Political Leaders, lawyers, TV Personnel, and business executives.



Writing and Editing Service

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We also have a Writing and Editing Service that undertakes all kinds of writing and editorial tasks efficiently and professionally.


Our Business Philosophy

Our strategy is not just to carry out training programmes, rather, we work hard at building people, businesses and nations.

Gbenga Badejo, Director and Founder

Achieved through three key approaches:

People Development

We are passionate about people so we use practical methods including role play, games, exercises and assessment to ensure that our training sessions achieve our aim of modifying peoples’ behaviours and transforming them. Our approach is not just to load people with head-knowledge, rather, to make them appreciate the consequences of their actions – both positive and negative.

Business Development

We develop business by encouraging employees to become fast-trackers so that their contributions to their organisation are easily identifiable. Through our training programmes, we link individual growth to company growth.
We also achieve business development through our scenario planning services. We do this by using current uncertainties to determine future trends and helping companies to prepare for likely future scenarios.

National Development

By developing modifying peoples’ behaviour and helping businesses to grow, our ultimate goal (call it ulterior motive) is to contribute to national and societal development. We work with unwavering passion because we believe that what we do ultimately has societal value.

Our Guarantee100%

Our Promises

  • We promise that our training will create a stir.
  • A promise that your staff will respond to our training
  • A guarantee that an overwhelming number will take some action
  • A commitment to keep our work fresh and challenging
  • A commitment to generate positive PR for your brand
  • A determination to make your company a leader in your industry

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