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Business Etiquette 1 Course

Are you an undergraduate, a Youth Corp Member, an employee or you are just looking for ways to improve yourself, then this course is for you.

Courses on personal development and etiquette would be taught with illustrations and examples. It is going to be very insightful and engaging, you do not want to miss it.

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How It Works

Courses are taught by certified ParkRoyal & Lagos Finishing School Etiquette tutors. Courses include pre-recorded video lectures and quizzes. When you complete a series of courses you will receive an electronic certificate.

To qualify for our Etiquette Advantage Certificate, you would need to have completed four of the following courses:

  1. Business Etiquette 1 – Social Intelligence & The Polish that Generates Presence
  2. Business Etiquette 2 – Ethics & Workplace Etiquette
  3. Dining Etiquette
  4. Grooming & Wardrobe Etiquette
  5. International Business Etiquette & Cross-Cultural Intelligence


Business Executives

Leadership & Management

Learn basic life skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, how to work in a team, social etiquette and how to apply theories to life situations.

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A non-stuffy, fresh and practical approach to people, business and national development; world-class leaders who will build world-class businesses and nations.

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Internationally certified career and life coaching experts of individuals, C-suite, CEOs of national multi-national companies.

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